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Name Kevin Stitt
Position governor
State Oklahoma
Party Republican
Born December 28, 1972
Entered Office January 14, 2019
Terms1 January 14, 2019 - Current
Terms 2
Mailing Address Capitol Building 2300 Lincoln Blvd., Rm. 212 Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Phone number 405/ 521-2342
fax 1 405/521-3353
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J. Kevin Stitt is the 28th governor of Oklahoma. Gov. Stitt is an entrepreneur and businessman who founded Gateway in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 2000. Starting Gateway with only $1,000 and a computer, he grew his business into one of the top 20 mortgage lenders and servicers in the nation, operating in more than 40 states and servicing more than $20 billion in residential mortgages. Stitt led Gateway through a merger with Farmers Exchange Bank in 2018 and formed Gateway First Bank, which is headquartered in Jenks, Oklahoma, and operates more than 160 mortgage centers across the country and employs more than 1,400 people. He is a fourth-generation Oklahoman who graduated from Norman High School and is an alumnus of Oklahoma State University, where he received an accounting degree in 1996. Stitt and his wife, Sarah, have six children and have been married for 22 years.

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About Governor J. Kevin Stitt

Governor Kevin Stitt is leading Oklahoma with a vision to become Top Ten in job growth, infrastructure, education and more.

He is an entrepreneur who founded Gateway in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 2000. Starting with only $1,000 and a computer, he grew Gateway into a nationwide mortgage company operating in more than 40 states and servicing more than $20 billion in residential mortgages. In 2018, he led Gateway through a merger and established Gateway First Bank, which today is one of Oklahoma’s 10 largest banks by assets with over $2 billion in assets, 160 mortgage centers across the U.S., and more than 1,700 employees.

Oklahomans spoke in record numbers that they wanted Stitt to use his business acumen to transform the state. In 2018, he received more votes than any gubernatorial candidate in state history in his first bid for elected office of any kind.

Governor Stitt has taken a groundbreaking approach to his administration by appointing the most female cabinet secretaries in state history and tapping expert advisors from the private sector, including the first chief operating officer in state history.

He is committed to delivering taxpayers more for their money, and his fiscally conservative leadership helped the state build its largest savings account in history, which proved to be prophetic in the face of an oil and gas downturn.

Stitt is a fourth-generation Oklahoman and a graduate of Oklahoma State University. He and his wife, Sarah, have been married for 23 years and they have six children.

First Lady Sarah Stitt

Sarah Stitt has been married to Kevin Stitt since 1998 and is the mother of six children.

Prior to serving as First Lady, Sarah spent 20 years cultivating a friendly work environment at Gateway Mortgage that helped employees grow spiritually, relationally and professionally.

As First Lady, Sarah is working to utilize her resources and position to advocate for those suffering from mental health issues and adverse childhood experiences who do not have the means to do so for themselves. Having worked with close family members through the challenge of diagnosing and managing mental health issues, she knows firsthand the difficulty of finding quality mental health services in Oklahoma.

Many mental health diagnoses are results of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES). Research shows that ACES can be reversed with caring relationships and the provision of pathways to success. Sarah concentrates her efforts as First Lady on raising awareness of ACES, and working to connect state resources with nonprofits that are combatting ACES every day. Oklahoma is a generous and caring state, and Sarah firmly believes that there can be hope for a bright future for every Oklahoman.

Sarah chairs the board of Friends of the Mansion, a nonprofit dedicated to the maintenance and restoration of the Oklahoma Governor’s Mansion. Currently, she is overseeing the renovation of the Governor’s Mansion, with the intention of bringing the home back to its original structure and restoring its historical value.

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